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Brazil's natural landscape is a must - from the legendary paradise of beaches to the rugged mountains and forests of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil's first national parks have been created, covering more than 1.5 million square kilometers (1.5 million square miles) and protecting the region's spectacular gorges. South America is home to some of Brazil's most beautiful and scenic landscapes, and it seems that Brazil has become one of the hottest destinations. The relationship between Brazil and the state of Sao Paulo, home of Porto Alegre, is very close and the inhabitants of this state are known as gauchos ("gauchas").

It is this combination of gaucho and European traditions that makes Porto Alegre one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rio Grande do Sul and could therefore be considered unique. The local airline Azul also offers regular flights to Sao Paulo and other major cities in the Brazilian state. PortO ALegre has its own airport, which serves all major cities in Brazil, but also Rio de Janeiro and Rio de Janeiro.

Look out for airlines such as Azul, Gol and LATAM and you will be pleasantly surprised. Long-distance buses are also one of the best ways to visit Brazil at a reasonable price, so try to find a flight from Rio de Janeiro or Rio Grande do Iguacu to Porto Alegre. If your flight lands in Sao Paulo, you can either take the bus (BlaBlaCar) or hitch-hike from the airport to the town of Foz, a few kilometers away. Foz can also be reached by bus, car or taxi, and even hitchhiking from PortO ALegre to Rio.

If you want to see the central and western regions of Brazil, your flight lands in Rio de Janeiro or Rio Grande do Iguacu, and if you are coming from Rio de Janeiro, you can reach Porto Alegre by bus, car or taxi. The bus station in the city center serves all major cities in Brazil and the road can be used to reach all major cities such as Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Rio, Sao Paolo, Minas Gerais, Salvador and Rio. To reach all these, you first have to drive to the city of Rio da Gama, which is only a few kilometers from the airport.

People also take the train to Sao Paulo, but there are few intercity trains and it is recommended by local customs to travel to Porto Alegre by bus, car, taxi, train, bus or taxi. Those of you who like the interactive journeys of CreativElenaRTW are interested in learning more about the locals. Fortunately, I have a cousin who is kicking her ass and shares her experiences of visiting the city with the ladies who are visiting. This is not common in other Brazilian capitals and I am sure that it is not done in any other Brazilian capital.

After showing you the best places in Brazil, it's time to visit Porto Alegre, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Choose a Worldpackers hostel for Brazil and ask your host for a safe tour of all the activities in Brazil. Forget your Brazil travel guide and compare Brazil travel suggestions with other travel guides such as TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor and Trip Advisor.

Coletivo is located in the heart of Porto Alegre, from where you can start your journey to the city of Curitiba, one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil. All events and activities during your stay are free, so start exploring this great place, also known as the cultural capital of southern Brazil, and start with a tour of all the great restaurants, cafes, shops and restaurants in Cur itiba.

If you want to experience Brazil's Cerrado and learn more about Brazil's immense biodiversity, then visit the Rio Grande do Sul National Park, one of the country's most popular tourist attractions. If you have time for a longer trip, why not explore more South America and then travel overland to Brazil? Take time to visit Rio de Janeiro, Rio del Norte, Sao Paulo, Para and Rio da Gama and enjoy all the major cities these states have to offer.

There are only four other cities in Brazil that have metro lines, and Sao Paulo has the largest metro network in the whole of Brazil. Rail travel is excellent in Argentine cities, and many Brazilians visit these states to visit the world's most popular tourist destinations, such as Rio de Janeiro, Para and Rio da Gama.

If you want to know more about how to travel safely in Brazil, use the following list of precautions to guide you through them. If you are a traveler with a lot of experience in Latin America, you would do well to stay away from the most dangerous parts of Rio de Janeiro, Para and Rio da Gama. This is a good opportunity to get to know the safest part of the city you are visiting.

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More About Porto Alegre