Portoalegre Brazil Wyndham Hotel

This newly built hotel has 1,000 fully equipped rooms, a full-service restaurant and bar. On-site amenities include a fitness center, fitness center, spa, gym, swimming pool, tennis court and tennis courts. Ecuador opened after a major $4.5 million renovation that included the addition of a new restaurant, bar and gym, as well as the renovation of the hotel's exterior. The hotel's amenities include a state-of-the-art gym, indoor swimming pool and spa with outdoor pool.

The secondary city is a new destination for business travellers, while offering the opportunity to host great events at an affordable cost. The city has parks, restaurants, bars and venues, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars with a focus on food and drink.

The large financial centre is intertwined with wildlife sanctuaries that form one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, from the beautiful arches that form the Atlantic Ocean to the tropical forests of the north-eastern region of Brazil. From the imposing Sheraton, surrounded by the turquoise waters of its northeastern regions, guests can choose the perfect environment to create an unforgettable experience. Brazil is a giant, home to South America's largest population and the second largest economy on the planet. The vast water surface with its many rivers, lakes and forests contributes to one of the largest natural paradise of our planet, as well as its rich biodiversity.

Finding the best destination for our Brazilian portfolio is not easy, but we are able to provide places in different climates and cultures with a diverse and authentic hospitality portfolio, linked to local traditions and known for excellent, warm and personalized service.

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The hotel's LP Grill restaurant offers live music, excellent food and drinks and wonderful views of Porto Alegre. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi in the hotel and free breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Marriott Bonvoy specialists and our team of travel experts will advise you on all the necessary advice until you finish your stay at our luxurious hotel in the heart of one of Brazil's most beautiful cities.

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More About Porto Alegre

More About Porto Alegre