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The BRIC nation Brazil is preparing to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Global hotel companies are betting that the growth of domestic and regional tourism will sustain rampant construction activity in secondary cities. Four Seasons Hotels plans to add $1.5 billion to its Porto Alegre hotel, according to Bloomberg News.

Best Western, which has 16 hotels in Brazil, is working with developer Incortel to add 30 more in five years, and 50 will be the first to open in Belo Horizonte in March. Emanuelo expects 2014 to be a "significant year of growth" for Brazil's tourism industry in the wake of the FIFA World Cup, said Howard Bujarski, chief executive of Four Seasons Hotels and CEO of Tryp Hotel Group. Although the macroeconomic outlook for Brazil in 2014 is not particularly good, Bu says that demand for World Cups is likely to remain domestically, as the country's tourism industry grows at an annual rate of 2-3%, largely due to the country's burgeoning middle class.

In Brazil, Bujarski says, chain hotels are in the minority, with 8 to 10%, and he says that domestic and online travel agencies are not as developed as those in the United States and Europe, so hotels in Brazil are keeping a tight grip on their inventory, he said.

Crime among tourists is highest in the vicinity of the airport and other facilities that receive visitors. Avoid hotels, especially those that do not have a 24-hour police presence. The 48 Teresina (39 dollars) is one of the most popular hotels in Porto Alegre, Brazil's second largest city.

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Competition is having a big impact in South Africa, but Wyndham Hotel Group is one of the global players that sees significant demand potential. Sul do Sul, which the company believes is undersupplied, is considered the most expensive region in the world for hotels per square kilometre. The Brazilian government, as I understand it, is monitoring the entire cost landscape to ensure that hotel groups are ensuring availability, "said Luke Bujarski, research director at phocuswright.

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